Hey guys, I've been out of the loop with a lot of pedals/gear in general for the last 3 years or so, having moved to a different city. Now that I'm going to be moving to somewhere a little more permanent, I've been wanting to get my head around what might have happened with guitar gear over the last 3 years before buying a couple of things I've been after for a while.

So first and foremost, the thing that has caught my eye is the release of the second gen ISP Decimator pedals. I've been searching a little bit for objective (as possible) comparisons about the actual noise reduction element of the pedals with no real luck. They're more or less the same price as their respective predecessors, but I was wondering if there was any tangible difference in the actual reason you would get any of these pedals in the first place.
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It sounds like the new version is just a tweak of the algorithm used in the old decimator. for the same price, i don't think you could go wrong.

won't be upgrading though, i have no complaints about the original g-string.
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