I was planning to enter my school's concert this week, but my singer chickened out and my guitarist can't do it any more. So I was thinking I might be able to just play something on bass and maybe sing with it, but I'm not sure what will sound good. I mostly listen to punk and alternative, but I also love classic rock, which would probably be better. I'm only a beginner, so nothing too difficult please. Also I mainly play using a pick but I can sometimes go without one if I need to.

I know Stand By Me pretty well (I practise it a load because the movie is pretty much my everything) but what do you honestly think that will work out like solo?
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Well; Punk and Alt aren't known for solo bass. The best pieces are probably to be found in Jazz and Fusion. I cannot recommend anything specific without knowing more about your current skill level.
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Sevenation Army is something really easy. Maybe do some God of Thunder by KISS for some more dramatic deep bass stuff. For Punk though maybe do some Ramones? Do you have a drummer helping you because bass and vocals isn't the best idea (unless you have no stage fright and can keep time in your head, play, and sing all at the same time)
Learn a classical piece if you don't wanna sing.

I made an acoustic bass arrangement for Hey there Delilah but I can't sing. Use the chords to make a real bass line.

Or you could do some funk solos with a backing track if you're good.

But you're a beginner....

Solo bass doesn't really good with beginners sadly. You can't play simple open chords like on a guitar.

Learn the major scale in A and solo in it slowly or something.