Looking for a less than £350 Acoustic to get a good Nirvana sound ( Unplugged). S any ideas ?


P.S. Before people start, i am going to be playing a lot more things on it than just Nirvana
he used a martin D-18E http://www.larkstreetmusic.com/images/*D-18E.jpg your not going to be able to get that guitar for that price but you could get a very good one all the same. the tanglewood rosewood reserve series are supposed to be the best guitars around that price range and they won an award to that effect. i myself own the rosewood reserve grand folk and its a great guitar and in the nearly 4 years iv owned it it has opened up beautifully (i upgraded the pickup though as the one it comes with isnt great) maybe if you want to sound more like nirvana then a dread would be better suited for you.