Ok, so I got a Fender Deluxe VM amp that has a problem.

It has worked perfectly for sometime, but during a rehearsal the sound broke, with a big distortion ruining the sound. you could still hear the guitar sound..but with a lot of noise and kind of a broken sound.

I unplugged everything and the problem was still there.

the weird thing is that the next day when I turned it on, it all worked..but after 20 minutes..sometimes 4 hours, the problem occurs again.

I had it fixed and everyting seemed to be working..but then last weekend during a gig it failed again.

Maybe some of you have had this problem, or can think of what may cause this problem. Any advice is welcome

thanks in advance!
what got fixed? could be the same thing again...
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Sounds like a thermal issue. Components that heat up during normal operation will eventually fail. Quite often, they work fine when they're cool, but as soon as they get warm and expand, the failure reappears. Take it back and have them look at it again. Should be under warranty.
Could be some electrolytic capacitors going bad.
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The potmeters were cleaned, and the output has been replaced.

He tested if afterwards for quite a while to..no problems..

I have had the amp on now for almost four hours..switching channels and playing every other time...but still no problems..

During the gignight at the sound check I had no problems and during the first portion of our performance it worked fine..Mid song, changing nothing the problem re-occurd

I am going to get if fixed again but as the problem is apparently not easy to spot, I thought I could get some advice I could give him so he knows what to check.

He had fixed my amps with succes in the past, and has been repairing amps professionally..and has his own brand of amps wich is quite succesful here.
So I have trust in his knowledge.. but still.seems like a tricky problem
Very difficult problem to fix until it stays broke. Common troubleshooting technique is to play until problem comes back, then have someone spray each component on the board with aerosol electronic component freeze spray while you continue to play. If lucky, can identify flakey part. Use care as dangerous voltages are present.
Thanks for the advice! I will take it back this wednesday, hopefully the real problem can be found and fixed.