I think this is a good price for the guitar ($900) but I'm more interested in whether this might appreciate over the years. Looks to be in good condition. Comes with original case.

Since they aren't making the Flying Vs at the moment, but will probably crank up the plant down the line when demand is higher, anyone think this might be a worthy purchase at this point?

The Reverse V can be played sitting much easier than the standard Flying V as the bottom rests flat on the thigh.

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it might gain some value among collectors, but I seriously doubt that anyone who just wants to play the guitar will ever buy it. At 900 dollars, it doesn't seem like a bad buy, but if you personally don't want to play it, you just have to decide whether or not the investment risk would be worth it or not.
It would be worth getting as a collector's piece.
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It would only be worth it if they never ever made them again.

Not to mention, it would take a hell of a long time to be worth much more than it is now, even as a novelty peice.

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If you like it and want to play it, buy it.

If you're looking at it as an investment, don't.
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