Hi guys,

My guitar is a Cort G260. Over the past 3 years I have played in many tunings and went from 10s to 12s and now back to 11s. My current tuning is CGCFAD and I'm using 11s.

Apart from when I was in standard tuning with the 10s, my 12th fret on the lowest (dropped) C string has been acting weird. When you play the note it seems to choke and die out quite quickly. It also wont intonate properly. The fretted note is constantly sharper then the harmonic and no matter how many times I've tried to set it, it just wont work.

All the other strings on the 12th fret are normal and can be set easily.

Thanks for any help.
That is two problems.

1. The bridge saddle is too close and needs adjusting back, as it is sharp when fretted.

2. Dead or muffled tone usually indicates a problem with the bridge saddle of some sort--worn, crooked, wrong shape or angle. Often easier to replace than fix, unless it is too low and just starting to buzz. Try increasing the height also when you adjust it back for proper intonation. You can also try turning it around 180 degrees, or even swapping with the low E saddle.