Hello, I'm primarily a guitarist and very rarely play bass, but when doing home recording I struggle endlessly with getting a good metal bass tone. I recently heard the album Nations To Flames by A Storm of Light, which had exactly the type of bass tones that I've been trying to accomplish. If anyone has any advice for getting close to this tone, then please share your wisdom!

I currently play an Ibanez SR series bass, but getting ready to either get an Epiphone TBird Pro, or a Carvin SB 4000 with active electronics - it is going to come down to how some of my money falls. I only have a Fender Bronco 40 practice amp for bass, but I usually use different programs on my computer like Gearbox and Amplitube when recording bass with a DI box.

I'm open to buying pedals or plugins if needed, I really need to get a better bass tone. Please share your wisdom!
if you can, have the bass on 2 tracks. what i do is have one track going through a sansamp bddi for the drive and a seperate clean track.
a technique i've seen others use is to have a clean track and then a track with a high & low cut then put drive or distortion on that track so you have only the mids driven. i think meshuggah have the two tracks both with drive, high cut on one and low cut on the other then merge them together for the bass tone.
if you don't wanna spend ~£200 on a sansamp, behringer do a 'clone' which is meant to be pretty close for a fraction of the price
IME the Behringer clone is actually better sounding than the real Sansamp, it's simply much less durable.
As for metal recording tone, typically you would have a clean track low passed around 300-400Hz, and a distorted track hi-passed around 400-500Hz and low passed around 3kHz
Depends on what you want to do but here is what works for me :

I play with the bridge pickup only. If you have only one pickup don't worry about it.

When making pickup settings, decide if you're going with a distortion pedal ( in this case, turn the effect/tone control on your bass to the max, make the settings on the pedal and amp till they suit you, then use the one control for fine adjustments ) or without one ( drop the tone control almost completely, what I like to do here is to kill all the mids on my bass and amp and put up the highs and bass, Fieldy style ).