His Majesty At The Swamp

If sterling production and high screached vocals are your thing then this album is not for you, but if you enjoy slow dredging metal with an almost Doom Metal atmosphere and lower vocals then you will almost certainly enjoy this album.
"His Majesty At The Swamp" is one of two albums that forged the early Hellenic Black Metal sound and is often overshadowed by Rotting Christ's "Thy Mighty Contract". Often sharing members with Rotting Christ it is of little wonder why there are similarities between the two bands early works.
Opening with a somewhat long but eerie intro that sets the stage for what are some of the best
written riffs I've personally heard from the Hellenic Scene and maybe even Black Metal as a whole
with precise drumming that is tasteful and not overly done. Do not confuse tasteful composition
with unskilled simplicity because there is no doubt this work holds its own with the best.
If there are any short comings of this album it has to be the insconsistency of production
that is most noticeable during the transition from track 7 to 8 where there is a shift that is almost
atmosphere breaking though the songs after that point are as well written as the first portion I'm not
completely convinced they fit with the rest of the albums aesthetic.
Overall "His Majesty At The Swamp" is an excellent listen that will slowly draw you into its swampy depths and leave you gasping for another spin.

Sample Tracks:
Lustful Father
Son of the Moon (ACT II)

An Evil Shade Of Grey

Where The Rivers Of Madness Stream
Dark Illusions

Diabolical Summoning

Sadistic Intent


What do you get when you throw together a little bit of Charles Bronson, Satanism a whole bunch of drugs and alcohol and, some bad ass guitar work? "Bronsonic" by Fister is the sludgy amalgamation of all those elements rolled up into one hell of a Stoner Doom release that will leave your mind blown in all the right ways. This being the bands first full length wastes no time Jumping into the title track unleashing a hive of angry guitar tones by way of heavy distortion and slow to mid paced riffing that progresses through atleast 6 tracks (depending on which version you have) delivering riff after punishing riff.

Sample Track:

False Enlightenment

Black Holes Of Antiverse
False Enlightenment

To The Depths, In Degradation

Full album

Black Math Horseman

Torment of the Metals

Lunar Aurora


Obscure Rituals Of Death And Destruction

Full album

Coils Of The Black Earth

Full album
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Tumultuous Travelings & Panaramic Twilight

If there were one band I would resurrect if I could it has to be Timeghoul. Simply one of the best Death Metal listening experiences I've ever had, and trust me that is a ****ing bold statement. If you enjoy stellar composition, beautifully gritty production, crushing technical guitar parts, brutal drumming, solid lyrical content and the list goes on then these two demos are a must have for your collection. If there is a drawback to listening to Timeghoul it is the realization that they never had a full length. This band deserves to be in the company of the all time greats when it comes to Death Metal.

Compilation of both demos

The Flight of Sleipnir
Essence Of Nine


Aleph Null
Belladonna (EP)

Free Download

Mourning Sign
Last Chamber (Demo)

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I'm familiar with most of these, and I like what you've posted so far. I will certainly check out the rest, and I look forward to seeing what else you will post. I'm glad we have fresh blood in this forum.
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Glad you like it. I'll post some more here in the next couple of days maybe. Really just whenever I find new stuff I like and maybe some more old school stuff too.
Why don't you write something about each release?

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Why don't you write something about each release?

That's actually a pretty ****ing good Idea. I dunno if I could add to what has already been said in other reviews but would certainly be cool.
Ok I was inspired so I wrote a review of the first album. I hate that this forum will not let form a proper ****ing paragraph but o well. Sorry if the format is a little patchy I did my best to fix it.
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I normally stay away from Black Metal (due to the vocals and low fi production) but am I glad I checked out Varathron from your 1st rec. (the early or pre-cursor to BM and the doomy feel drew me in)

Listening to this now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v8QOhZb1wg
and it is fantastic...right from the melodic intro riff to the vocals which fit in nicely. The whole thing just flows.
Yea it flows very well until that 8th track. I like the vocals too they are almost death metal without being real guttural I guess. I really hate super clean sterile production so this type of stuff is just how I like it.
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