My live rig is built around a EVH 5153 100W halfstack with TCE G Major 2 in the loop. Because the 5153 has no midi functionality, I use a FCB1010 midi controller and RJM Mini Amp Gizmo for channel selecting the amp and effects. Works great. I'd like to add my Pod XT Pro to my live rig but here's the issue: The 5153 has no auxiliary inputs except the effects return, so in order to bypass the 5153's preamp this is where I have to place the Pod. At home, I keep the Pod in bypass mode until I need it. But to make the switch, I have to manually unplug my guitar from the 5153 and plug directly into the Pod. Works, but obviously wont cut it live. Any suggestions for a seamless solution?
What do you use the Pod XT for? Preamp sims?

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Quote by Tremolo Bum
What do you use the Pod XT for? Preamp sims?


I've been thinking about your problem but we need more info. What exactly are you using the POD to do?
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At home, I use the Pod mainly for recording into my DAW. I've come to really like the amp and effects modeling. Placed in the 5153s effects loop at high volume, it sounds great and is really versatile. I use a Behringer FCB1010 midi controller and Mini Amp Gizmo for channel selecting the 5153, Pod and G Major. I'd like to setup my live rig so that I can utilize the Pod in two ways: 1) use the Pod just for its effects in the 5153s loop. 2) Using the Pod as a preamp which feeds the 5153 power amp. I've seen several rigs that utilize A/B switching to run multiple amplifiers, but not where multiple preamps are powered by a single amplifier. Thanks for your feedback!