I'm trying figure out how to change the pick ups on my guitar, which I have never done before. Right now I have a Schecter C1 classic with passive Seymour Duncan pick ups, and I want to change them with the Dimarzio D Activator pick ups, both neck and bridge swap, I kinda' got the basics of it from youtube tutorials, the only part I'm having a pain with is that the instead of having a 3 way blade switch on my guitar, I have a 5 way switch. And this is making it nearly impossible to find the wiring diagram. So, am I suppose to swamp out my 5 way blade switch (used for coil splitting) with a 3 way blade switch? Oh! Also, when I change the pick ups, do I just cut all the current cables/wires I have attached off? Someone was telling me I need to solder them off, which I have no idea how to do lol, I'm so damn stumped! I know, someone's gonna say, "Have a professional do it" Well I live in the boonies so I cant, plus, I really want to learn how to do this myself. So guys, pleace help! Also, if someone could link me the proper wiring diagram for the pick ups, that'd be great! Uploaded with ImageShack.com

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Do you just cut off all the wires off? you kidding... I think you have some serious research to do. If you've never used a soldering iron I recommend you find some an old piece of crappy electronic to practice on. Just practice soldering and desoldering wires on it. Also the pictures you posted should be resized smaller.

These are the color codes.

You can probably get away with copying the wiring which is currently installed on your guitar. You'll just need to translate the color codes from Seymour Duncan to Dimarzio from the image I posted above.

For example if you look at where the black wire is going from one of the pickups currently installed (seymour). You'd want a red wire from Dimarzio to go there instead.
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