I have a Schecter Damien Elite FR 7 26.5", and I want to tune down a full step.

(A D G C F A D)

My question is what gauge/set should I get? I've read all sorts of threads that give different answers, mostly to those who like the strings rock solid. I prefer my strings to be nice and tight, but not TOO tight...

Any feedback or tips would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help!
What do have on there already? If it's 10s, for example, try 11s. One step lower is not drastic, just ensure the intonation is good after, you may have to tweak it a little, but I doubt it.
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I've got D'addario 7 string regular lights (10-59) on atm. 11 sounds like it would work though, thanks!
I have a Schecter omen 7 and i use 10 - 59. I play a lot of Korn. It sounds pretty solid to me. I didnt want to go to 11 since i might want to tune it up to standard and that would be slightly harder to play without a bit of adjustment.
I use 11s on all my humbucker, standard tuning guitars with no issues.
I have one guitar tuned to C standard and use 13s on that. I suppose it's what you're used to.
It's an opinion. It's subjective. And I'm right, anyway.
Problem is "tight but not too tight" doesn't mean anything to anyone but you.

Are your 10s too tight? Too loose?
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If you're going a step down, bumping up the gauge by 0.001 on the high E within a string set is generally a good rule to go by, as has been mentioned. It *mostly* keeps the tension about the same.
I don't buy 7 string sets because I like my low B a little heavier (62), but whatever the 11-** equivalent to the 10-59s should do you fine. You might want to tweak it a little with individual strings because of the FR you have though, but that only comes with having tested something out first
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