Hi, everybody! This is my first post, so I apologize if I posted in the wrong forum or something, ha.

In short, I was in a band a while back that might be starting back up in the near future, and I'm looking for some advice for a decent setup. Basically, it's a 'power trio,' folk/rock/indie kind of thing. Way back, I used to alternate between playing an acoustic-electric and a Strat, but thing is, I don't really like playing electric all that much anymore; also, it was sort of a hassle to switch off between songs (I know, I know, I'm a baby, ha).

I would like to get a setup with just my acoustic-electric where I could put on some effects/distortion when I wanted an "electric" kind of sound (we played a song or two that had sort of like "Everclear/Weezer" type distortion; we also covered some Radiohead and Neutral Milk Hotel), and maybe just generally get a more versatile sound out of my acoustic-electric. Right now I'm playing a Fender CD-60CE acoustic-electric. I have a Harbinger HA 120 PA system. I don't really have a guitar amp anymore, ha.

Any thoughts? Is this doable? Would it be better to get an amp with built-in sounds or just run pedal(s) through the PA? Or an amp and pedals?

As for a budget, I'm not sure I'll have the most money, but I think I could do at least five hundred or so, maybe up to a thousand. I'm interested in hearing suggestions beyond that as long as they aren't ridiculously so.

Any comments would be much appreciated; I am pretty far from technically inclined, ha ha. >_<

Anyway, thanks a lot!
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Effects seem totally fine for an acoustic. Chorus is a pretty common one I'm pretty sure. Tremolo and reverb would probably be good for an indie-folk context.

distortion might be a bit of trouble though, since feedback will be an issue. Best you can do there is maybe a noisegate and covering the soundhole a la BB King
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my buddy gigs with an acoustic and does similar things and he uses a Boss ME-20.

Obviously, you can afford better than that. I think the best thing to do is take your guitar to a Guitar Center or Sam Ash or something and just play for yourself. It is the type of thing where personal preference will come into play big time. But generally Line 6, Boss, Eleven Rack, and Digitech make good products when you get up over the $300 mark. Hope that helps.