Put something on to fall asleep to.

I'm broke and
tired and
It hurts sometimes,
and sometimes it doesn't.
I miss her and
she doesn't and
her hands.

It's always the busted up burnouts
that find themselves at my door,
in my bed,
on my floor.
But while they're here looking for me,
I'm out there looking for them.

Anything but the news,
I can't handle another nightmare.
Well it seems like you elude to a number of things here (druggie lifestyle/lost love/exploitative media) but for me it seems like it all comes down to the addiction angle. I can definitley relate to the third block about how druggies gravitate to one another and yet cant stand one another. The last line I also liked alot I interepreted the "news" as reality with the only escape being drugs. I also like the simplicity, I always admire people who can express alot with the fewest words. Overall I cant say i feel 100% confident if Im even interpreting the piece as you intended. To name a criticism I guess I feel its too open ended. Perhaps that was intentional but generally speaking I think many lyricist use the "open to interpretation" concept as an excuse for the poorly illustrated/thought out idea. If you want to give me some context Ill gladly take another look.
Check mine out would'ya....
I don't know if it will make any sense to you, but there's an Israeli song that has a famous line in it that goes, "I'm tired of picking up broken women at the end of the night".

This piece kinda reminded me of that song, in a good way.

There's also the ending which infuses this piece with much more (going back to the title), but honestly, I like it more as a simple cry of despair, about things not being like they should or could... it works better in the intimate level, I thought.

Also, I PMed you the song, I think you might like it.
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