FS: SX Vintage Series Tele + Gretsch Electromatic + Westminster PL Style Electric

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SX Vintage Series Tele Style Solid Body - $109.95 + Shipping

SX Vintage Series Hand Crafted Solid Body Tele Style Guitar. Solid mahogany body with classic style and classic Tele sounding pick-ups in a vintage cream yellow finish with single ply black pickguard. ( The bridge pick up has a massive bar magnet on the bottom.) Maple 21 fret neck that has had a fresh fret level and dressing so it's back to zero fret wear and features SX branded sealed tuners. There is some surface wear and a couple of dings in the paint and the common finish cracks at the neck pocket. Nice weight, great action, fresh set-up with a new set of D'Addario 010's. Comes in padded black softcase in decent shape. It's all set-up and ready to go....doesn't need a thing except for a new home.

Westminster PL Style Electric & Gibson Bag Case -$145.00 + Shipping

Westminster LP Style Electric guitar. Made in Japan in the early 1970's and has the law suit open book head stock shape. The body is actually semi-hollow on the inside and is nice and light. The pick ups aren't really humbuckers as they appear - they are single coils and more like P-90 sonically. They have a good sound but they will need a bit of a boost at the amp for their best sound. Bolt on neck with tighter 7.25 radius. It has had a fresh fret dressing and leveling so it's back to zero fret ware and has nice mother of pearl inlays and block markers. There is a couple of edge bumps and surface wear and age there was a crack in the neck pocket which was glued and is now stable. Light weight and fun to play. It has a new set of D'Addario .010 strings installed. The neck is shimmed so it has nice action and playibility. Nice old classic Japanese electric of the transition period from boat paddles to quality guitars. It comes in a decent Gibson brand padded softcase and a red shoulder strap.

Fender Stratocaster Fat Strat HSS - MIM in Vintage Tweed Case - $325.00+ Shipping

Fender Stratocaster Fat Strat HSS. MIM in 2003. Overall very good in steel blue grey metallic color. It has some surface wear and a couple of small paint chips. It features all genuine Fender top quality components with a 4 wire series humbucker and the dual bar Alnico single coils for great sound and tone. Maple 21 fret neck that has had a fresh fret level and dressing so it's back to zero fret wear. There are some small dimples on the back of the neck, some hand wear in the finish on the treble side with a bit of age stain and a rough area where it was in a guitar stand but nothing that affects how it plays at all. Comes with a brand new large tremolo block genuine Fender bridge with a new whammy bar. Nice weight, great action, fresh set-up with a new set of Fender Bullet 010's. Comes in a vintage tweed hardcase in decent shape.

Gretsch Electromatic Jet G5235 Solid Body & Hardcase - $455.00 + Shipping

Gretsch Electromatic Jet Solid Body Electric. 125th Anniversary Special Edition label on the back of they neck....Made in 2008. Solid mahogany body and set mahogany neck. Slightly bigger than a Les Paul and about the same weight. Vintage cream white finish with gold hardware and walnut brown over the mahogany body and neck. Gretsch branded humbuckers with single tone and volume controls for country to rock with classic Gretsch tone. 21 frets on a rosewood fingerboard with classic Gretsch thumbprint position markers, jumbo frets and Kluson Gold Tuners. The guitar has had a fresh fret dressing so the neck is back to having zero fret wear. It has very good action and playabilty. And, it has a new set of D'Addario .010 Nickel wound strings installed and all set-up is done and ready to go. It is a great overall package. Comes in a Protege black hardcase with slate blue/gray interior.

Sent me a PM if you're interested or want more info or pictures.