This is really good. The sound, tone, feel, playing and progressions are great. This has really potential.

This reminds me of some softer Nevermore stuff.

What I am imagine over this are male rock operatic style vocals, kind of like Dio. Deep, sad and passionate.

This could build up a great crescendo of a rock half ballad.
Thanks for the crit! It initially reminds me of a song I made some years ago I guess that's expected to happened as it is a pretty easy progression. I nonetheless like it! As the guy above said, it would sound great with a Dio-like voice. It would be cool if it after this initial intro transitions into a anthemic feel with some distorted guitars and a gradually rising vocal line.

Keep it up!
Should I do some power chords or some normal chords? This is where I'm getting a little confused :S
are you one or two guitarists in the band? if you have a lot of gain on the guitar it probably sounds better if you either do a power chord or try to add some octaves into the chord to make it bigger
Okey. One Idea is if one person doe a nice melodic solo over the first part, and then when you go into a powerful distortion section, the guy soloing try to make a similar solo as in the first part but more edgy and wild (maybe an octave higher or something). Just some things you could try
Thank you for the review! Now your tune: it sounds very good so far, I just think you need to build on top of it. Nice audio quality. It is usually best to have a click track you can turn off later, or have some drums (most people use drum software, it is not easy recording real drums & sound good), and that makes it easier to add say electric bass, more guitar, maybe synthesizers, vocals, and keep everything on the same tempo; though sometimes there is the danger of sounding too machine-like with computer drums. EZDrummer (by toontrack) is good way to start with computer drum software if you have never used such software. You should check your facebook link, it didn't work for me.
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