Hi there! I got myself a second-hand Telecaster, and I've noticed that sometimes when I play something, specially the last 3 strings, there comes a bumping background "hum" sound that comes and goes with the strum, it's hard to explain, and that's why I actually recorded something to show you the hum. The problem is non-existent if I use the left pick-up switch, it only happens with the middle and right pick up switch.


Just check the seconds 0:19, 0:37, 0:44, 1:14, 1:24, 2:22, there are more but those are just some examples.

The hum is driving me crazy, is it normal or is there something wrong with my guitar? If there is something wrong, how can I fix it? I already had my guitar set-up and they told me everything was "fine".
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