Hello again people.As the title sugests I need you to provide me with some Wah pedal models in the range of 100-150 euros at the most.If possible I want to stay away from signature models.As for the sound I am looking for, I want something "Buckethead-like"
Thanks in advance guys
i've played quite a number of wahs and i really like my fulltone clyde (i own the deluxe version but i mainly just use the 'clyde' settings on it). great wah for the price and i'd imagine it is accessible in europe.

another wah i have enjoyed quite a bit is the RMC wahs, great sound and feel.

buckethead seems to have been known to use VOX wahs and the dunlop 535Q, which should also be quite accessible and within your price range.
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Jim Dunlop Crybaby 535Q would be your deal, if you can get your hands on it.
If not, Buckethead uses VOX V847 or V847a. I have tried it once, and I liked the sound very much.
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I have a Vox V847a and I liked it far more than the Dunlop Classic. I found it had a wider sweep ranger tonally.
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