Hi all new to the forum names Chris.

I have a problem.. I have no amp for my fender standard strat and for the past 2 weeks I have been browsing my *£: off trying to find one that I like.. I have decided that I want at least a 12" speaker (or maybe 2).. I have been looking at fenders (since I play blues/rock) don't need anything on the metal side of things really.. I'm not sure if I'm a massive fan of Fender Mustang, they seem a little over worked and less user friendly than I would like!.. I have been looking towards the fender champion 100 given it's a twin 12" for under £300.. steal right?.. I don't know.. am I missing something?.. can anybody recommend an amp?.. or an online store, I currently use GAK. Playing them at my local music store is not that much of an option as all they seem to have are mustangs or blackstars.

ANY help for this troubled mind trying to find his way through the world of tone would be awesome

Regards, Chris
how much volume do you need? £300 will get you tubes if you don't need tons of wattage, and for the stuff you want to play, assuming you don't have to play at whisper volume all the time, tubes are the way to go.
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Yes I've had tubes before and to be perfectly honest I find SS amps are just easier and some of them sound amazing, digital has come a long way and I like to stay away from the "tube" hype. You can get great tone from some SS amps, I actually got the champion 100 and I love how responsive it feels, I did have the black star id15 but felt the lack of bottom end (10" speaker) was apparent. The fender champion clean tones are fantastic, not much cop for metal though but at least I can get a sound close enough to expand my playing style and practice with other settings/styles.

I guess I can't deny tubes sound "warmer" or "fatter" but the versatility of a dsp amp is just too much to not go for, besides I'll never be playing Glastonbury

Cheers for your reply though dude it certainly made me look at other options.
Don't stay away from an amp just because it has/doesn't have tubes in it. I don't care what technology my amp uses. If it sounds good, it sounds good.

I like how my amp sounds like and the one sound it does fits everything I play (I never really tweak the knobs because I have found the sound I like the best). But if you need versatility and many different kind of tones and effects and all, a modeler is what you want.
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What do you guys think about Fender Champion 100 over Marshall MG100DFX? I play lots of red hot chilli peppers, paramore, and some jazz music.
I'm thinking to sell my Marshall and change it to Fender....
I had a Fender Frontman 212R. Well, I still have it I just don't really use it since I got my 6505+ but It was a really decent starting amp. I bought it off eBay for 250.00 I think? Its 2 12' speakers and extremely loud. Its got really nice clean tones too. Maybe check one out.
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What do you guys think about Fender Champion 100 over Marshall MG100DFX? I play lots of red hot chilli peppers, paramore, and some jazz music.
I'm thinking to sell my Marshall and change it to Fender....

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