I can put the action pretty low but the high e buzzes on the 7,8 and 9th frets but there's not really any buzz anywhere else. I wasn't really happy with this since its a $1200 guitar. Could it be a raised fret?
Have a straight edge ruler and measure it out. Remember that the neck should be slightly bowed upward. Until then... That's the common symptom for too low action. Raise the action at bridge and try again.

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Then if I raise it until it stops buzzing the action is to high but maybe I'm just expecting the guitar to have ridiculously low action lol. I played a dean that had lower action and no buzz, made in Korea. I have my guitar in drop c with 11-56 gauge strings could a thinner e string fix this?
Edwards builds some quality stuff, must be a set-up problem, or you got the 1 in a million **** up. But kinda amusing you own a 1200$ Edwards, and are unable to set it up properly. Go watch some YT videos on Floyd Rose Bridge and Truss-Rod adjustments. If that won't fix it, bring it to a luthier and let him chop the fret down, as I said, might be a minor production flaw.
/ I own an old Edwards Al-128 Scythe, and its neck and frets are really, really good.
// Your string gauge is fine for the tuning.
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Ill take it to guitar center then. I setup a few guitars before but I don't wanna mess with this one and I didn't think it would be a setup problem I only one string buzzes and the rest are fine. Thanks a lot.
Hi frank, i have an edwards too. It a les paul and its fantastic. I have mine set up with real low action which i did myself by adjusting the bridge bit by bit until i got it how i wanted with no buzz. Just had a look at a version of yours online (very nice) and i dont know if you can mess with the trem to adjust it but if you can just raise it a little, bit by bit until you are happy with it. However, you could always check the neck for straightness. If its bowed it needs a truss rod tweek so take it to a pro to have it set up. Hope you get it sorted