I have for sale a perfect condition Ibanez SAS36FM in red, only been played in the home, never gigged, looks stunning and sounds awesome.
I also have an Orange Crush 15R and the following pedals for sale:
Digitech Digidelay - £30
Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive - £20
Boss NS2 - £25
Fender Tuner Pedal - £20
Behringer Ultra Chorus - £10
Behringer Preamp Booster - £10
WARP Distortion Pedal - £20
Dunlop Crybaby - £25

Looking to sell the guitar for £300 as it is £400-£450 new and has never been used outside of the home, and the amp for £40.

(Pics of all on request)

Will post any of the pedals (paid by buyer), but will only arrange cash on collection for the amp/guitar please in London/Kent.

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