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Sickman - Alice in Chains
3 43%
Survival - Muse
4 57%
Voters: 7.

GOAL: You have until THE 20TH of the month to learn a song, any song of your choice, with the instrument of your choice, and record it and upload it (to Youtube, your UG profile or any related site). Audio alone is fine. Video is fine. This should prove some fun and a good time waster and all along you're becoming a better musician. After all entries have been made we will judge on cleanliness, accuracy, techniques (ex. good harmonics or vibrato), styles, speed, etc. and overall impression.

Here are the submissions from this month. Happy voting and remember to vote for accuracy (not your favorite song).

Easy Guitar:

Sickman - Alice in Chains (liampje)

Survival Muse (nico_9550)
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I'd probably vote for nico too.

Thanks for sharing.
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