The song is entitled "Hairtongue". I'm not looking for crits on the mix itself as this recording is primarily comprised of scratch tracks. I'm more concerned with the length of this piece and whether or not all of the sections make sense in the context of the song. There are a few sections in particular that I'm strongly considering either changing or removing altogether, but I'll let y'all have a listen and give me your unbiased opinion.

There currently are no vocals on this song, but my intentions are to keep the instrumental break (2:34 - 7:34... yes, FIVE MINUTES) somewhat free of vocals although I've considered laying some melodic choir-like vocals over a few bits.

Again, not looking for comments on the mix per se but rather some helpful suggestions on the overall arrangement of the song. Is this a cohesive song or am I a over-ambitious douche? You be the judge...

Thanks a lot, my friends.