im searching for a amp around 400-600 used. so far ive compared an ac15c1 to fender amps. i really liked the ac15 but i felt like it the fenders were more for me and sounded better with my single coils. i tried a couple of fenders just couldn't narrow down which one i wanted.
im looking for
-something that has good clean but can break up without exploding my house (not a ton of head room)
-something convenient to carry around for gigs

i dont need a a lot of watts as long as it is gig worthy miced or no mic for small audiences.
played the blues jr and loved the size but thought it was "boxy"
i liked the hot rod deluxe better but i think it might to much much headroom and i really dont care for the distortion channel. Didnt try the deluxe reverb but ive heard good things about it.

i mostly play worship, indie, alternative rock, almost anything.

open any amp suggestions.
If you need breakup without window shattering volumes I'd definitely look more towards the Vox than the Fender. Even my 15W never makes it above 4.

That said, anything with tubes will be loud with natural breakup. The best quote I ever heard went something like this.

5W is loud as hell. 50W is marginally louder than hell.

What you might want to look at if you're worried about the neighbors is a THD Hotplate, or some other attenuator. I have the purple one for my Fender HRD and it works wonders. It sounds like trash without it.
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