It's been a long time since I did something funky, and I was in the mood for blues/funk. I've got two tracks here, one thats fairly bluesy and another that's pretty funky. Let me know what you think.

Track 1 : Funked Out
Track 2 : Blue Love

Link : http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/hitman_47/

Leave a link to your thread for me, and I'll check it out.
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You are what they call a “rhythm guitarist”. While it's not as glamorous as playing lead you can still get laid. Especially if you can sing and play.

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Hey man thanks for the comment on my track. Listening to "Blue Love" as I type. I really dig it. The tone is a very nice blues tone and it's relaxing. The metronome doesn't bother me because I use one all the time and I am used to it, but maybe find a drum loop or something to go under it?

Funked out is a little less my style, but still a very good song nonetheless. The lead is kind of trebly. Maybe its just from the lack of bass guitar? If there is a bassline I can't hear it. Usually an up beat bass line is a defining feature of this style of music. Again a nice funky drum loop underneath would do the tune some good.

Overall you are incredibly talented, and you could do great things with the right bassist and the right drummer.
Just echoing Wal up there, This song (Blue Love) is beggin for some groovy drums and a smooth bassline! I like the feel of the playin here, good job man.
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I like a good bit of funk so I'm looking forward to this.

Blue Love:

First thing I must comment on is the metronome. Usually you would not leave it on the track. A drum loop or nothing would be better. It is also the loudest thing on the track which is kind of annoying.

Its also not funk but oh well.

Listening past the metronome I can hear some very nice playing. Really smooth lead playing which is well structured, follows a good melodic path and has good feel. Your tone is very nice to. Definitely a winner.

Nice chord work in the back. The two guitars compliment each other well. A lot of people over play here. But you dont, you have it spot on.

I'd suggest you go back to the recording, remove the metronome and replace it with a drum loop. Do that and you will have a really nice jazz blues piece.

I could imagine this music being very nice in the back corner of a nice restaurant. Maybe with a double bass added.

Well done.

Funked Out.

Funky jazz blues.

Metronome again. But this time it is quieter and in the background so it is not such an issue.

Your tone and lead playing is nice and smooth again and mostly is well structured. But I feel gets lost a few times. But it quickly finds its way again, so its a small crease to iron out.

The chords are very nice and you have a good funky rhythm again. But in a few places I feel it becomes a bit over the top and the two guitars just to get in each others way (I think this is actually what caused the lead part to get lost), making it seems a bit to messy. I think in a piece like this the rhythm playing needs to remember to sit in the background and try to avoid taking over. Very good chords, technique and tone though. In most places it sounds great. It just neds some refining.

This has the potential to be a very nice piece. A bit of refining, some drums and double bass. Cold be a winner.

You are a very good guitar player.

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Thanks for the crit guys! Have checked out all your links, let me know if there's more.
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You are what they call a “rhythm guitarist”. While it's not as glamorous as playing lead you can still get laid. Especially if you can sing and play.

Beer is the solutions to the world's problems.

I agree, Blue Love is a great song which could be lifted with some drums and perhaps a bass track. Very relaxing, although I found the metronome quite distracting. I like the phrasings of the lead guitar though it is, perhaps, just a bit too trebley, but I think it only really affects the track when there is such a trebley metronome. As it is now, it can get a bit boring. It would work great as background music, especially without the metronome. I'll probably have a listen to Funked Out when I get home.

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