So i'm looking at trading my laney vh100r in for another head.

now i know its a long shot but i'm ideally after a peavey 5150.

this head is so under-rated its unbelievable.

i run this straight through with only a ns2 to gate any feed back and this baby sings there's no need for and sort of screamer/OD pedal in front of it.

i has recenlty been revalved its currently running jj valves there beautiful.

there's some slight scruffs and marks from where ive gigged it and from transportation.

even if its not a 5150 you have to offer let me know what you got ill conciser all trades at a similar value!

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hey, I would be intrested in the laney, is it still available?

Would you be willing to trade it for a Peavey 6505+ combo?