Hi all, havent posted here in a while. Ive been recording some demos for a project Im in, I decided to share my first one. I need some constructive criticism here. I havent added the vocal melody for it yet, just instrumental at this moment.

Let me know what you guys think, I think it sounds alright but I need a fresh set of ears and opinions.

The guitar reminds me of Led Zep (a compliment), I like most of the melodies. The guitar playing could be tighter at times. Guitar at 2:50 sounds odd to me, though I appreciate you're trying something different. It definitely needs some good vocals (sounds repetitive without singing) Please review my music at this link:

The guitars are a little harsh, but the riffs are cool. The build up is a little bit repetitive, maybe just jump into it a little harder. Maybe some more drum action? Vocals would help kill some of the repetitiveness possibly, but right now it literally sounds like the same thing over and over again, which is okay but most people wouldn't be able to deal with 5 minutes of the same thing. I can tell you have some talent, I'm sure you can think of some different bass lines or rhythm parts.

Check out my song if you'd like:

Hi there!

Great song! I do think the beginning guitar panned to the far left is a bit annoying. It was such a relief when it was centered. I think you should try some lo-fi effects or something to get that distant feeling. It's definitely a good concept, but as others have said, it really needs some vocals or something else to make it less repetitive. The guitar and the drums don't always sync up. Really digging the vocal that comes in at around the 2 minute mark. Especially the guitar around 2:30. The lead guitar around 4:15 is quite refreshing.

I'd love to hear this in a more fleshed out version with some vocals. Good job!