Hello all,
So here's the situation: I play electric and acoustic guitar and dabble in bass. Buuuuuut, we have no bassists in my city so I may step in and play bass for my band. I don't want to spend a ton of money, but I want decent quality gear (always the struggle). Wondering if you guys have heard of this company at all (here's a link of what I was looking at)? They look like quality basses but I'm just going off my guitar knowledge. We mostly play classic rock stuff. Thanks.

- Joe

Sorry to bump but any other info would be great. Or if there's another bass that's better for the price. Thanks.
Boulder Creek's electric basses got a good write-up in Bass Frontiers magazine a little while back. The company is known for acoustic and acoustic/electric instruments, but they are branching out. I believe that their solidbody basses were introduced in 2012. They seem to be well-made; good looking in a Spector/Warwick sort of way, and they are said to play quite well and sound very good.
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That's good to hear. Thank you. I couldn't find a whole lot (if any) info and don't know what other things make up a quality bass. Thanks for the response.
I have the fortune to live near Boulder Creek Guitars (they're located out of Morgan Hill, CA) so they are readily available in my area. They are quality instruments at a great price. If I was ever to buy an acoustic bass, they would be my go to. I've yet to play one that wasn't well built and had good tone. They don't scrimp on details and really make instruments that are built to get the best sound and quality.

Also--if you have any questions, email them. They are more than happy to interact with their customers, potential or otherwise.