i'm liking the style a lot, i'm a fan of twin rhythm guitars doing something other than straight harmonization.

okay, i really did like everything a lot until the riff at 1:26, which uses a ton of upper extensions in typical new-prog fashion. this is probably just a stylistic preference, i like the more traditional side of progressive. hopefully you know what i'm talking about.

i dunno if this is my bias talking, but the second part of the song wasn't as memorable to me as the first (up until 1:26). they almost seem like they belong in different songs (or you composed them at very different times), but they're not so different that they clash. you seem to have motifs in some places, but i can't really remember them. lots of individually interesting parts, but i couldn't follow the continuity.

take this with a grain of salt, i don't listen to this specific style of metal much. i really thoroughly enjoyed the first part though.

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First off, really liking the guitar and bass tones! What were you using for both?

I'm hearing a bit of influence from Animals as Leaders and Dream Theater. The first riff (up to about 0:34) was quite honestly one of the coolest riffs I've heard. Wicked bassline too. I like the way you kind of simplified things around 1:08. VERY catchy riff at 2:15.

Overall, really digging it. Following you on SoundCloud, will be checking out the rest of your material soon (I would now, but it's 11:30 pm )

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Yeah! The guitars sounds piercing and angry sounding! at 0:44 how the left guitar does a little tremolo was cool. The guitars are doing a whole lot of note things that give the song an interesting an unique vibe and keeps the listener wondering what else is to come next! And at 2:15 would be an example, it comes out of nowhere with that progression and keeps me wondering what's to come! There was an interesting part that I thought i'd save for last, at 1:24 how everything stops and it's just the hi hat. I feel that part could come in again somewhere in the song, sort of like a structure type thing. I think it would be even better if/once you add vocals!

Here's a Track I've worked on with a buddy of mine, he played the Bass and I did the Guitar/Drums, any feedback would be great . https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1619206
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Thanks for all the constructive comments guys! I'm just getting a second to check the thread and will be checking all your tunes when I get time later.
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