Hey guys i would love to get some feedback from current electric guitar players and the amps they are using. I'm working on a project to develop better and more portable amplifiers and would like to determine if there is a high interest. Your opinions will be greatly appreciated and if the product is developed, i will offer it to the community first.

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Also post your opinions below.
I've got a storage unit packed with amps and cabinets I've accumulated over the years.
The game is changing, from what I can see.

I'm mostly using a modeler these days, fed into headphones, a pair of active recording monitors, a mixer/1500W power amp/ into a pair of PA-type speakers, each with a 15", a 6" mids and a 1" tweeter (weight of each just under 40 lbs) and/or directly into the PA.

It really no longer hits a 1x12, 2x12, 4x12 anywhere along the line, nor do tube amps figure into things.
I sold all of my amps. I use an 11 rack that I run through studio monitors. Easily adaptable to a PA as well.

Most people still use an amp, solid or tube, of some sort I think. For me I can do WAY more for the money with a modeling system.
^ Modelling amps & VSTs are good practice tools, but in my opinion once you get to a point where you're perfecting your sound and building a gig-worthy setup you have outgrown them. You can use modelling to decide what you're looking for, but once you know you should upgrade to the real thing.

As for this:
I'm working on a project to develop better and more portable amplifiers and would like to determine if there is a high interest.

...I'm sure everyone here will be pleased to know that you think you can do better than the companies that have been making amps for 50+ years.
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Thats why i would like to know everyone's opinion on the current amps out in the market and what kind of improvements they wish to see.
I use a 100 watt Marshall JCM2000 and a 4x12 cab live. I practice with a 20 watt Krank in a 4x12.

I do have a 1x12 combo and a POD XT for quick grab and go jams
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I have been hearing about MG amps lately. I have heard good about them, but only a few times have they been talked about here.