My guitar is a standard JP6. I'm really confused as to what I did to make this happen?

The first time I had strung every string up and was simply tuning, then when I got to tuning the high E it just broke at the end of it (where the ball tip thing is). I then got another E string out from another pack of D'addarios I have and the same thing happened right after I locked it in and began winding it up.

Is there something wrong with the guitar or am I an idiot? I just want to know what I'm doing wrong before I waste another string. Really bummed about this...

Thanks in advance, guys.
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There may be a burr in the bridge, maybe?
Might want to get it set up.
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What you really need is a new amp.

(Anything I missed?)

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check the bridge and nut for and dents or burrs . Make sure the pickups are not too high up and close to the strings.
Are you tuning to E but up a couple of octaves? This would make the string too taut and could cause it to snap.
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There may be a burr in the bridge, maybe?
Might want to get it set up.

Take it to the shop. If they only need to do a quick file job, they may not even charge you for the work if you get some strings or something.
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Stretch the string first always. Also don't wind it up too fast and make sure you leave a good amount of slack before you start winding.
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