Hi. I'm putting together a rackmount set of effects for Classic Rock, Blues
& Rockabilly. The Maxon Delay and BK Butler Blue Tube II have not arrived.

* Rackmount Maxon DM2000 Digital Delay
* Rackmount Peavey Rockmaster 4x12AX7 Distortion
* Rackmount BK Butler Tube Works Blue Tube II RT924 2x12AX7 Overdrive
* Rackmount Rocktron 320 Compressor Limiter HUSH

Question: Besides going with what sounds good, which
signal chain order do you prefer for your setups and why?

1) Compressor~Distortion~Overdrive~Delay, or
2) Compressor~Overdrive~Distortion~Delay

Basically, Distortion before or after Overdrive?
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Why don't you try them when they arrive?
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(Anything I missed?)

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Good to see you again
Why don't you try them when they arrive?

Thanks. I will, obviously ~ but, wanted to see what others do and why.

Basically, I think overdrive after distortion.
Many articles suggest the "perfect chain order" and others
say that anything goes whatever sounds good to you.

Ask around where wah pedals are placed = all over.
I'd make it delay -> compressor -> distortion

The delay dalays and I would want my overall signal compressed, not a compressed and then delayed one that would lead to a bit of a mess and a loss in the compression effectiveness.
Overdrive and distortion after the delay because I would wanna have a distorted overall signal, instead of the sum of more than one signal.
Overdrive before distortion for a tighter distortion, or distortion before overdrive for more distortion.
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^ Delay repeats will sound a lot clearer if delay is placed after distortion. So if you want a clear delay sound, after distortion is the way to go. I have tried delay before distortion and the delay gets really loud pretty easily (because distortion also compresses the signal) and when I play lots of notes, I can't hear any delay repeats. They get overrun by the dry signal.
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Interesting. My Ibanez DM2000 and another Ibanez DM1100 rackmounts
also have modulation/chorus, as well as slapback, echo, delay & reverb.
Not all, but most all discussions on guitar pedal signal chains have suggested
the delay be last. But, can easily try delay/echo elsewhere in a chain.

I've collected many articles and pages discussing signal chains and
their possibilities. Personally, until this year, I've played mostly clean
with reverb, echo and volume, only (plus combo amplifier's own effects).

This year I've added and played with pitch, octave, phaser, flanger, chorus,
fuzz, distortion, wah, rotary vibes, noise suppressors, EQs, signal exciters,
boost pedals, optical compressors, blues drivers, slow gear swells,
BOSS heavy metal pedals, Morpheus Bomber, tremolos, vibratos, etc.
I own all kinds, but never all in one chain - haha.
Good to read what others think and have experienced.

Following is a part of an article: "Pedals that amplify or add noise should go near the beginning of the signal path. This includes overdrive/distortion effects, compressors, and wah pedals. If they’re later in the signal path, they will amplify the noise of everything before them, which can be difficult to control.

Pedals that produce tone go before things that modify tone. This is logical, because you want to create your basic sound first, then tweak it with some kind of modifying effect. For example, this means that overdrives go before chorus effects.
Pedals that create ambience go last. This goes back to the “how does sound actually occur in physical space” idea. So, delay and reverb should go after all other effects."

Interesting concepts. Thanks again.
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