Picked up this bad boy from a local music store I used to work at. It was in the production warehouse, with shrink wrap on the power tubes, NOS! It's a series 1 so it doesn't have the Raw Mode, but I don't care much for that mode anyways, and more importantly, a SERIES FX LOOP!

Review: I definitely like this more than the series 2 I've heard over the years. The drive channel is positively HUGE through my Whitebox cab loaded with a G12K-100. Actually, so much bass that I have the bass turned all the way down, but cranking the mid knob adds lots of low mids. Takes boosts nicely, effects loop is adjustable from 10% to 100% mix. Clean channel is warm and overall it's very simple. Solo boost is a feature I sorely miss on my Mark IV.

There is no EL34/6L6 bias switch, but I plan to mod the bias circuit to allow a switch. My biggest pet peeve with the series I, is the crappy plastic knobs! Shitty Chinese toy chrome on plastic, yuck. Ordered a set of black knobs similar to the Roadster, and I plan to plastidip the tread plate as well.

Add a bit more treble/presence to increase the gain, and the vintage channel is just excellent. Modern mode gets out of control pretty quickly and there's a lot of fizz present, but it's definitely still brutal!

I'm really enjoying this amp, it's a shame they're discontinued!
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That's a mighty fine new amp there!

Any possibilities of soundclips?
Plastidip is basically just spray paint that if you ever decide you don't like it, just peel it off. It's pretty durable and lasting too. Pretty popular in the car world.

Congrats on the awesome amp!