Just wondering if anyone has one of the just released 2013 Randall RG80's?

I have had a love and hate relationship with my Randall amps, had an RG50tc that was just crap, they just didnt quite get it right, had an old 40wRG that was pretty average, and I have also had an RX120R combo that I really like. I was pretty sure that after i got the mini recto and cab I would never play the RX again, but now i pretty much am loving the RX120r again, and havnt used the mesa in months.

The RX is a pretty old design, and I was wondering if these new RG series (especially the RG 80 ) are worth looking into. If it is basically just a lower wattage better tuned and higher gain version of the RG's that weve grown to love and hate, ill have to buy one.

Anyone tried it yet? If so how does it compare to the older (2000's) RG's?

You got to love a good SS amp, just bang it on and off u go, no messin around!

RG's & Mesa's
bump again! Surely someones tried one! You guys get the new stuff straight away across the pond there.

I have had messas and stuff, but now I just like the easiness of an SS amp. All my pedals and style tie in really nice with my 10 year old Randall RS120R (Which most people probably hate), so if this new little beast is anything like my old one, id be pretty keen to give it a shot
RG's & Mesa's
:reported: no one has tried it so no one posted about it. It happens sometimes so don't double necrobump threads.
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If its based on same design as my RG1503 yes its a good amp. It is designed by same guy who did Randall Warheads whos-name-escapes-me-at-the-moment. The new RG's are more or less a "back to the roots" throwback to the old RG100ES amps and such but much more gain on tap. The distortion is very crunchy and powerfull, not fizzy and piercing (unless you go absolute apeshit with gain knob) like you might expect in a lot of solid state amps. It lacks the rich, organic quality of tube amps but thats to be expected from solid state. Its a different kind of beast and a beast it is. I love mine.

Only thing I hate is the active EQ, its a pain to work with especially with the midrange but YMMV. It could be my speaker (Celestion G12-T75) too though.

:reported: no one has tried it so no one posted about it. It happens sometimes so don't double necrobump threads.

Dont be so hasty.

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