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Does anybody have this guitar?

Is it a good guitar?Would it be suitable for extreme metal or shred?Can I install a pick guard on the guitar?Thanks for your help.
Good is very subjective. I think it is a decent guitar I would rather have an SG Standard.

I think that the guitar your looking at is a little overrated. I would think that there would be other guitars that would be better suited for extreme metal or shred, I would say that generally extreme metal and shred is not the target genre for most Gibsons, not saying you couldn't use them for that.

I see no reason why you couldn't add a pick guard, providing you don't mind adding screw holes to your guitar.

On another thought, with new pickups you should be able to get into extreme metal or shred, of course depending on your amp.
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The reason why I want this guitar is because of the twenty four frets.I would love to buy a standard but it doesn't have twenty four frets.I already have two Jackson but I'm craving a Gibson.Also this guitar is in my budget.How much would a pick guard cost?
24 frets really isn't that important on a guitar, certainly not important enough to not buy a guitar that is excellent in many respects, just because it doesn't have 24 frets imo. You can bend up to a high E on the 22nd.
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Well; it is a Gibson SG with 24 frets. Therefore, it is a fine guitar (as Gibson SGs always are), and it should do well in any genre of music you choose to play. It will no doubt handle the heavy stuff and the blindingly fast stuff with ease. And yes, you can put a pickguard on it (an SG pickguard, that is). You will have to drill the mounting screw holes, but that is not difficult.
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I’m sure it’s a good guitar. But if you’re patient you can score a used standard for a lot less money on eBay.