Hello. i am looking for an amp for home using mainly. What to buy? I am choosing between Fender Mustang 1 and Mustang 2. I dont have the chance to try them out. is the 12 inch speaker vs 8 inch a big diference? is 40 Watt to loud for bedroom? is the 40 watt ableto sound good at low volume? What do you think? thanx
The 12" speaker will make a huge difference. I won't use anything less than a 10" personally (I like the tighter punchier sound of a 10" vs 12"). The 12" will sound fuller. It's a solid state amp unless I am mistaken, which means you can turn it down and it will sound the same. I haven't heard a II cranked, but at townhouse volumes, it doesn't sound bad. Have you considered a Fender Super Champ? A tube amp with models and sounds good! Don't remember the speaker size, sorry. I think it is 10".
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A 12" speaker makes a massive difference. Separates the boys from the toys, as it were.

40W doesn't mean that when you turn on the amp it will put out 40W. 40W means that when you turn your amp up as loud as it will go, it will put out something around 40W. Amps have volume knobs for a reason, and the volume controls in modeling amps are usually quite excellent. They don't succumb to the general design obstacles found in tube amps that make them hard to control.

Wattage is basically a rated potential volume... and unless you are in the habit of cranking your amp all the way up (which generally no one ever does), it's almost a non-issue. As long as you actually bother to use the volume knob (which a baffling number of people seem loathe to do), there isn't really a practical difference between using a 10W amp and a 100W amp in the house. Yeah you can get the same volume out of the 100W much lower on the dial, but I fail to see why that matters. It seems like a lot of people don't want anything to do with amps they can't turn past 1, and I just don't understand why. The amp being tonally right for you is what's important, not how loud you can turn it up...

Anyway, I recommend holding out or finding a used Mustang III. The I and II don't have physical Mid knob, which quite irks me. Almost always a very poor choice, especially on an entry level amp like that.
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