To all intents & purposes, Studios are exactly the same as Standards just without the bells & whistles like a flametop & edge binding.

When I bought my first Studio, I was shopping for a Standard & couldn't find one I liked. Eventually a guy at a shop told me to try a Studio (the Worn Brown Satin model) and I fell in love with it and bought it there & then. That was after I'd tried dozens of Standards in numerous different shops without any of them really grabbing my attention.

I guess what I'm saying is don't shop for anything in particular just because it has a certain name, keep your mind open to all options & let the right guitar find you.
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Depends on what model and year your Studio is, but depending on the year and specific model of each you might have any or all of the following: routing/chambering, the pickups are a different model, you get binding, different fretboard wood, different finish, headstock veneer/inlay, different neck carve, and a few things I've forgotten.

The Studio was designed to just be a stripped-down Standard so most of the differences are cosmetic. The sound often varies just as much within models as between them, so if you like your Studio there's no strong reason to get a Standard unless you find one you really like.
The Tribute series of studio models give you a wide range of options to consider. Different necks, pickups, and weight relieved vs. chambered.
Thanks guys yes I love my studio and have yet
to try out said standard but it is priced to steal.
I'll try it out but if it don't jive right then I'll pass.