So, I'm having a bit of a problem with my Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue. There was a broken transistor in my amp last week that was diagnosed and fixed, but it was causing the amp to basically cut all the volume completely. There would be a little fizzle, and then the sound was gone. The light for the drive channel would switch off and everything. Then, in a varied allotted time, everything would come back in. And the process would just repeat itself.

But, now it's having a similar problem. The volume wont cut out all the way, but it will get to a VERY low volume, and then come back. I'm hoping it's just a tube that got loose from moving the amp around, but I haven't done that since the practice before last where it sounded absolutely fine. This is all happening before some gigs I'm playing on Friday and Saturday.

This is almost the 10th time this amp has given me problems. I'm thinking the local music shop isn't where I should bring it this next time. There's a guy in my town who fixes anything that has tubes, but I'm pretty sure he's more experienced with radios and old vintage stereo amps versus guitar amps.
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Tube technology isn't particularly complicated, but the reissue has a few IC's which may or may not pose a problem for radio/stereo guy.

I'd drop by and ask.

What, exactly, was the alleged source of the problem last time?

Edit: I'm assuming Q1, since that's the only discrete transistor in the amp?

Also, have you tried tube rolling/replacement? Cleaned the contacts? etc?

Edit II: Some cursory research turned up the following, which may (or may not) be of assistance...

"Had a blues deluxe on the bence with that problem couple weeks ago. As usual with these amps, the solder joint was broken to pin 9 filament of V1. It would fluctuate voltage just enough to have a volume fade. While you're in ther just go ahead and change out ALL of the plate resistors, especially the PI. If they haven't failed yet, they will."

"If the symptom you are experiencing is a slow fade, like someone is turning down a volume control, with increased distortion just as it fades out...and no increase in hum through the speaker, the power tubes are not the problem. It's either the V1, V2 or V3 (preamp & phase inverter) filament (heater) losing contact."
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