Hi there! If on the off chance you remember me at all, you will notice that this is quite a different style from what we usually do.. We've got a drummer now, and this is our first attempt at recording full band. There is a lot of work to do, but I think we've headed off to a good start. Let me know what you think, and make sure to leave your songs!


If you want to have a listen to the rest of the unfinished EP, you can go to this link. Make sure to tell us what you think!

Hope you like it!
Awesome work! Kind of reminds me of older Queens of the Stone Age, with an acoustic twist! I love the way the song Masquerade Parade sounds, especially. Really catchy and original stuff. I can feel the 'real-ness' of your music. Thank you!
Thank you for the recent review(s)! Now your music: first song: guitar playing & melodies sound really good (reminds me of the band America: this is a compliment). I remember you. The vocals & vocal melodies sound really good too! I think these are the best vocals I've heard you do (partially because of improved pitch control). I like the reverby background vocals too. I know real drums are difficult to record (I assume they are real) & the drums sound good/appropriate for the song. Overall this is the best song I've heard you do. I could picture this on the radio. Glad to hear it is not 100% acoustic guitar (not that there is anything wrong with that), & that you're expanding your horizons. Nice audio quality.
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Reminds me of led zeppelin mixed with idk maybe some john frusciante. I dig it. Song flowed well, nothin seemed unresolved.
The beginning chords remind me of The Pretender by Foo Fighters (though really only because of that one turn). The vocals are great, there's a certain melancholy in the voice which is always good. The opening up around 1:30 is really nice, great sound there.
Overall though I would've liked some more variety, a simple guitar melody maybe in the first part of the song, to break away from just acoustic strumming, vocals and drums. The ending is pretty cool, it reminds me of Radiohead in a way, the guitars aren't heavy but more piercing, or whatever. Anyway, cool song. And thanks for your comments on my track.
Nice man tune man. It kinda reminds me of Pink Floyd ( the chord structure mainly) the song sounds good. I agree with Soldier where the song could use maybe a counter melody and a few instrumental fills. I can tell that you recorded the guitar twice and panned in both speakers. Nice production guys.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=32034423#post32034423

Regards, Kevin
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Nice song

Everything is a bit too in my face mix wise tho, as if the whole band is playing right in my ear. Which might be good for extreme metal and pop-punk things, but it really diminishes the intimacy (ironically) in folksy productions like this. You want the listener to be "in the room with you" as if watching in you in a room.

Try experimenting with room mics, and ambient mics away from the band playing live. If you are stuck with the multitrack with no access to further tracking, experiment with reverb.
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I like the chord progression/arrangement. The drums sound like they're being hit a bit too hard (especially if he's using brushes, which it sounds like) at the start. Too in-your-face. A different performance and some more ambient recording techniques would help this. The entire track could benefit from a bit of reverb too, in my opinion. The stereo image is a bit lacking also in parts. I'd probably double track those acoustics at the end and pan them quite hard and bring the electric guitars in a bit.


Quote by Huliheaden
We've got a drummer now, and this is our first attempt at recording full band.

It doesn't sound like a full band, it sounds like half a band. It really needs some bass to sound complete. Towards the end of the song when it builds up it sounds especially hollow for the lack of bass.
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Thanks man! Will check out your stuff soon for sure!

Thanks for the tips! Much appreciated.

I get what you're saying about not being a full band (we're only three people after all), and we've had several people saying we need a bassist. If we keep playing more music like this where a bassist is needed, and if we can find the right one, we might just do that. But we haven't discussed it all, and getting a drummer to join us was quite the change already, so it might be a while before we make that decision.

The whiskers-issue in the beginning is because of the mic we used to record, I think (yeah, we just used one cardioid, I know). I've been looking into some ambient recording techniques, as also proposed by Ababil_Albarn, and we'll give it a go with the sparse equipment we have the next time.

Thank you very much for your input and tips!
Wasn't too keen on the vocals at first but after listening a few more times, you get used to it. I don't like the snare tone. it's too dry. Like, sand from the Gobi Desert dry. That kind. I like the structure. nothing gets dull, vocals are sung well, and I like the hi-hat a lot.

And a couple listens later, those kicks sound very dry too.

I read the lyrics while the song played, and the last verse was in all caps. I was expecting some really emotional, high-sung vocals, maybe raspy kind of. It needs that PUNCH in that last verse. Throw some reverb on the alternate picking at the end. Needs to be much more 'wet' there. And, of course, that bass element is missing. That would even out a lot of the song.

I liked the song and there's a ton of potential.

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Thanks for the crit!

Masquerade parade

Vocals: Good melodies and rhythmic feel to them. The criticism I have here would be to really practise your pitch as it does tend to sound flat a lot throughout the song. You should also sing with more support.

Guitar Nice tone! Some interesting strumming patterns as well as chords. Some more variation would be nice. Also try to fit the solo guitar together with the rhythm guitar better in terms of rhythm and delivery. I found the solo very boring and uninspiring. Throw in some bends and melodies into it and it will sound great!

Drums The drums suits the song well, the drummer could have added some more interesting beats and fills at times but for this kind of music I guess it's not necessary .

Overall a nice song but it needs some work! keep it up!
Masquerade parade:

Vocals - Didn't really sit with me at the start, but kinda got a hold of them later on. They're alright, fit well with the song. I liked the vocal harmonies.

Guitar: Cool tone, love the progressions, though adding a bit variations could be cool, like a melodic interlude instead of just strumming the same things between the first and second verse. The change of pace which came after felt really refreshing!

Drums: The snare felt too "sharp" until pretty much the electric guitar came in. Really bugged me the whole song. The rest of the drums sounded ok.