I managed to scrape enough together to buy a new trad pro with the burstbuckers I think a few years ago when I had just turned 18. But since then I've been playing on the cheapest of solid state amps and I had a boss gt-10 for awhile that gave me the most horrible digital sound.

I recently moved out to cali and want to get into the music scene but no matter my skill my crate 2x12" amp that I've had to stop and beat during a middle of a song live because of humming isn't going to cut it and if I go forward I want to make the right gear decisions.

I need suggestions on a good tube amp for a Pantera-Led zeppelin-slash sound. I was thinking about getting Seymour Duncan APH-2 pickups and a Blackstar Tube Dual overdrive/distortion pedal. I want to capture a good sound for hard rock and biting solos but also be able to get a good Dimebag type metal sound if need be.

No EMG's.
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Putting new pickups in a Gibson should be at the very bottom of your priority list. A distortion pedal with that amp is like trying to put a bandaid on an amputated limb.

What you really need is a new amp.

What is your budget? How much are you willing to save up or spend?

Where in the world are you located? Markets, prices and availability varies wildly across the world.
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I agree. Start with a good amp, I think you'll find it does everything you need it to. The stock pickups are good, and you definitely shouldn't change them before you've had a chance to play for a while on a decent amp. You may find that you don't need to change them at all, and even if you do you'll want to figure out exactly what you want to change about the sound before you start shopping for new pickups. Obviously you can't do that if your problem is 100% caused by a crappy amp.
also agreed.

i'd also probably change the pots to 500Ks (assuming yours has 300k) before swapping pickups, too.
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My go-to amp for that kind of stuff (when I just want to hammer a tube amp) is a Carvin Belair (2x12 open back combo with EL84s). It's been modified -- there's a set of modifications called the Hasserl Mods freely available (Google them), and the Stage II is what I've had done. In fact, it was Richard L Hassebrock ("Hasserl") who did them in his garage in Fullerton. The resulting gain channel mods produce a vintage Marshall sound, but with more gain than any vintage Marshall ever had. Mine has a pair of well-broken-in Vintage30's and it's just awesome.

The Belair is about a $600 amp, new. The mods are simple enough that virtually any reasonably competent tech can knock them out easily.
"Pantera-Led zeppelin-slash sound" is a bit like saying "a truck-motorbike vehicle" (yeah, I know, that's a Harley ). Pick one.
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I have 92 Les Paul Standard and a mesa tremoverb combo with JJ EL 34's. Amazing sound combination, provided you are strong enough to carry them (the heaviest of both worlds). I've seen the tremoverb go for significantly less that $1000 on ebay.