I picked up a Johnson JS 800 last night for a great price to have a strat body for some planned pickup swaps. Overall, the guitar is in great condition, and I have to say that I got a much better instrument than I had expected. These Johnson strat clones are really not bad at all.

The weird thing was the saddles, which were adjusted as high as they could go. At first I thought this was to compensate for a neck problem, but no, the neck is perfect and didn't even need a truss rod adjustment. The strings were literally half an inch above the 12th fret. I put the saddles back where they belong in order to get a typical action and the guitar plays fine with no fret buzz or any issues.

Any idea why someone would have adjusted the saddles until they looked like ski jumps? There was a sticker on the neck plate saying that the guitar had been "Professionally Set Up by blah blah blah". My first thought was that if the previous owner had paid $15 for that setup, he was overcharged by at least $20!
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Probably because Johnson doesn't do much or any quality control and the "professional setup" was maybe just to make sure it had frets and that the neck was bolted on. That sticker might have been put there at the factory.

Glad you got a good one but Johnson doesn't exactly knock it out of the park with consistent quality. I wouldn't think about it too hard - Johnson certainly doesn't