Are you talking about Bare Knuckle pickups?

Do you have either guitars in question, or are you just interested in them?

What kind of sound are you trying to get, what bands/albums/songs have a tone you'd like to get close to?

What gear do you own now (guitars, amps & FX)?

Where in the world are you located (prices and availability of gear fluctuates wildly between different countries)?
Spin 'round carousel when your horse isn't screwed in.

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If we're comparing a standard Stratocaster to a standard SG, then probably the SG. Why? Because most regular Stratocast models are designed for single coil pickups. SG's are designed for P-90s or humbuckers.
It's not even a real question, it's like asking which car goes best with bigger tires. It's completely backwards and there's not enough information to even begin to have a useful conversation.

TS, please start a new thread with an awful lot more information (see Offworld's post, and this thread). I'm going to close this one because I see you're not online and I don't want to get 30 silly or off-topic posts in here before you can post something substantial.