Looking for a nice thin-body acoustic-electric. I cant play dreads or any standard acoustics due to a shoulder injury. I dont have that problem with electric guitars or thin acoustics. I used to have a yamaha apx500 that I sold and regretted ever since. I'm looking to either buy another apx-500 or something similar. I'd like to stay sub $500.

i've used ovations a lot. i have a right shoulder injury that prevents me from playing a lot of guitars for a long time. i love ovation's Elite series guitars but usually only in the mid or deep bowl configurations. they sound a bit odd unplugged( not bad but different) but they were designed to be plugged in.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I recently got myself a used Tanglewood TW45N-NS that's all solid woods and made in china. It's got a shape similar to Taylor's grand orchestra models.

I paid about $450 for it used and it sounds surprisingly good for an MIC. I find the neck on it to be a little thin though.