i just got myself an Ibanez RG450DX (it has a HSH configuration), and i want to upgrade the pickups,
here is my selection so far:

Bridge: Dactivator (for rythms, chug chug metal like and some leads)
Middle: Area 58 (For my cleans ONLY, positions 2,3 & 4, some slow chorus and the like)
Neck: Air Norton (For leads ONLY, i want a pickup that does not sound muddy and sounds great when sweep picking)

Bridge and Neck for metal and anything with distortion (nothing with scooped mids)
but i really need the middle pickup to be SUPER clean....

any other suggestions? opinions?
sorry for my bad english...
paf pro might be better for the neck- the air norton is a bit warmer, the paf pro maybe slightly clearer and "shreddier". But there's not much in it.

haven't tried the d-activator

and yeah for the middle if you want cleans etc. you'll want a low output vintage-style single coil. I haven't tried the 58 but i'm guessing it'd work.
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