So I have a dilemma.

I would like to get a pedal switcher, as I realised today after playing without any pedals That they were sucking far too much tone. Trouble is, my set up at the moment uses the amps effects loop and i have pedals in front of the amp. Is there a pedal switcher out there that Will allow me to to run some pedals in the loop and some in front of the amp? I'm willing to spend however much it comes too.

I'm looking for just a simple switching unit, i'm not worried about presets etc.

I have 10 pedals, 5 in front five in the loop.
Loop: noise gate, phase, chorus, delay, boost (send to return)
Front: tuner, comp, wah, od, eq (guitar to amp)

The gate is always on of course, as is the eq.

I would like to keep the pedals where they are, just have them separated out in individual loops to try and minimise the loss of tone.

If you can see a better way instead of a switcher I'm all ears.

Cheers guys.
I use a Joyo PXL-PRO looper. It has 8 loops divided in 2 parts, so you have 4 loops to put dirt pedals, wah, whatever you want in it, and 4 other loops with a send and return to use in your amp effects loop.

You can find them new for under 200 euros.

I use mine with a Vox AC30, and I have tubescreamer, big muff, wah and boost before the amp, and delay, chorus, phaser, flanger in the loop.

Here is a guy demonstrating it: