So my Fender bullet Strat's input jack (the place where you plug the amp cord into), the screws for the jack are very loose. When i screw them back in with a screwdriver, it feels like it's in there but you can just pull it out. how do i make it so that it's not easy to pull out and it stays there. I was thinking about taking it to a guitar shop but this seems like a easy fix. PLEASE HELP!
The cheapest fix is to stick a toothpick or two into the hole, then break them off so they sit flush with the top of the guitar body. Screw the original screws back in and they should hold OK. Some people put glue in with the toothpicks. You could take it to a shop, but it's a pretty easy DIY repair (at least to get it workable).
Thanks for the quick response but i fixed it. Your solution gave the idea for my solution which was to use a thicker nail and screw it in. Thanks