Hi All, first post so take it easy on me.

Im thinking of getting A TC nova system, those familiar will know theres no 4 cable method.

This is putting me off a bit as I usually run my mod/time effects through the loop on my amp. I know you dont really want to put mod/time effects before the pre amp but the way I set my amp up im wondering if it wont be a problem.

I have a 100w Hiwatt which i only use the clean channel, setting the power amp/master volume to 10 and the pre amp very low so I get a really clean signal. For gain I use a Keely blues driver in front of the amp. Now im thinking as im not really using the gain in the pre amp to distort the signal I should be fine just sticking the nova system in the front after the blues driver.

does what im saying make sense or am I talking S**T? I know the only way to know would be to try it, but I dont want to buy one to find out it sounds rubbish in the front. I want to use the drive and compressor in the nova system so putting it in the loop isnt an option.

Any thoughts

The experts won't tell you what I'm about to tell you, but what you need is a new amp.
You should be alright, seeing as it has an analog drive system designed for such purposes. You can run your compressor wherever you want: before the TC, after, and even in the loop by itself.
Really, you would want to try both and pick which one you seem to lean towards.

Effects can sound great in front, I don't really see the issue here.
That's what I do, works just fine. Sometimes you'll find that what you thought was "squeaky clean" is actually slightly dirty or becomes slightly dirty with the boost your pedals are adding, but I doubt you'd have either of those issues with a Hiwatt.

This is how people ran effects before every amp over a certain price point had an effects loop. It worked pretty well! A big reason that loops became mandatory on certain kinds of amps is that all of a sudden you were running 4, 5, 6 gain stages instead of 2 and it sounded like crap with your rackmount reverb, pointy guitar, and your spandex zebra-print pants. If you don't have spandex pants and you run your preamp clean you don't necessarily need a loop at all.
the problem is putting the nova through the loop isnt an option. it will have to go through the front of the amp. but as I dont use the pre amp in my amp for gain/distortion I use a pedal which will be in front of the nova, in theory it should be fine?
Cheers Roc, it makes sense to me but just wanted some reassurance before I went and spent £300 on the nova. The hiwatt is great, loads of headroom on the clean channel, putting the power amp/master volume on 10 its almost impossible to get to get the tone dirrty before your ears would explode, lol
You are using your preamp for distortion by driving it harder with a boost pedal. It doesn't matter if the boost is done by V1 or a pedal, the distortion is still coming from the preamp.
But having said that, we all ran all our effects out front for a long time. Effects loops didn't appear until the 80's so every live recording done prior to that had all the effects in front of the amp. A loop helps make delay more distinctive but really, people obsess over FX loops way, way too much.
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