So, literally just decided id love to write a crazy metal instrumental song with someone. I myself play guitar and bass. I can also program drums to a decent level (I use addictive drums). Something kind of modern, or old school, idc, i can play it all. Basically this is just for the moment an idea to write a ONE song thing, make something super crazy, maybe make a youtube video for it, and see what happens. I love instrumental stuff by people like Vai, Racer X, tom quayle, Cacophony, Animals as leaders. Pretty much any well written instrumental music. My ideal song would have a little bit of literally everything in it.
So what im looking for, one person to just collab with on this. Basically, a crazy as can be shred song, and by crazy, I dont mean just super technical, just super well rounded, with great melodies and of course solos.
I figure we could write it in guitar pro or a similar program, or maybe just pass recordings back and forth. we'll figure it out.

Here's my playing, lemme know if you're interested!