Hey All, my band recently released our first EP! We play stuff along the lines of Periphery, Veil Of Maya, Vildjharta...etc Anyways, I would love to have your feedback on our stuff and if you do have something to say post a link to whatever you want me to listen to and I'll give you a critique as well!


The songs are on that website!

You can like us on Facebook as well!

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Really liking How's the Rain! Not really a fan of the vocals, but I don't generally listen to that vocal style. Most notable part to me was the fact that the left and right panned guitars were playing different variations rather than straight doubling. Nifty bass fill at 1:37, love it! The solo at 2:07 sounds kind of odd (in a good way ), almost sounded like a fretless or a synth at first. Guitar at 3:08 was super cool again.

Liked your page on Facebook, good stuff! Will listen to the others when I get a chance.

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