So greetings everyone! . I am new here and would greatly appreciate any help concerning buying an electric guitar. Currently, my budget is about 350 - 400 euros. This includes electric guitar and amp. Any suggestions? I have been playing acoustic for a little more than a year, but I want an electric one like crazy.

P.S I also would like to play punk rock or alternative mostly. Anything concerning rock I guess .
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Mexican/Chinese/Japanese/Korean Fender.. The choice of the model is up to you..

edit; oops, didn't read that you also need an amp.

I'll have to dissapoint you, but you wil not find any real good gear for that.

Maybe a Chinese or Mexican Fender with a cheap solid-state amp.

You can always try and find Amplitube or other VST plugins for free or with discount
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Try to hunt down a roland cube 15x/20x amp. And for a used guitar at the 300 price point I would be looking at a higher end used LTD with EMGs..
^ yeah should be sweet. combine that with a decent modelling amp and you should be good to go.
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my first electric guitar was yamaha EG112C good not great guitar its a beginners package it comes with a 15w amp extra strings Tuner 3 picks Gig Bag strap String Winder and cheap Cable

i bought around 201 euros

and it was good for me as a beginner
My first electric was an '87 Charvel Model 2. Only paid like $200 (Canadian) in like 1989. I thought it would be a great guitar to learn on. Only had one humbucker and one dial for the volume. Haha always thought it was a bit plain so later on when I could afford it I bought myself a '96 gem series Gibson les Paul studio. Cost me a bit more but by this point I knew I loved to play and what I wanted. Thing is I still play my charvel more then the Gibson lol. Love the fat frets and dirty sound I can get from that one humbucker.

I say get something used (from a actual shop, you can get ripped off buying from random people online) find something with a humbucker (at least one). If you want to play punk single coil pickups just sound weak.

I'd say look at the epiphone models to start. They're a subsidiary of Gibson and great guitars for the price (especially if you find a good used SG which used might be around the $200 range and even new they're only like $300 or so). Try it out in the shop or get one of the sales people to give it a go if you're nervous lol. Most of the guys in the shop are cool and won't lead you astray. Right price and right sound I say pull the trigger.

As for an amp I say pick up something like a peavey rage 258 (if they still make it, or it's replacement) great starter amp with easy controls and decent sound. And you can get them cheap. Like $100 (again Canadian)

Thing is you can always upgrade and sell your old equipment later so don't worry about getting the best guitar or the biggest amp off the bat.

Also here are a cpl links to check out
Here's that peavey amp. (I started with the older peavey rage 158 and it was great)
[forbidden link]

And here's a link to the Epiphone page so you can look at the SG's
[forbidden link]

I know it's a long msg but I hope it helps. Sorry For for not doing the currency conversion but I'm sure you can figure it out.
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