Hey all, buying whats left of this Fender mustang for 80 bucks. 60's vintage body, squire neck and everything in the picture. Still need to get pickups/route for bridge pickup, get a bridge and fit with electronics.

I'm new to this and I'd like the guitar to be decent (and in one piece when I'm done), and if it were unique in a cool way that would be a bonus

Whats your advice/ ideas on how to mod?

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you haven't given us much to go off. All we know is you have a bunch of parts

what music do you play

what do you like in a guitar

etc etc
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Cool purchase! Just off the top of my head, I'd out fit it with p90s, maybe do some white pin striping, it would really pop on that blue body and make it look less plain.

General stuff: Locking tuners, bone or graphtec nut, upgraded electronics.

Really depends on how much money you want to sink into it and what your expectations are though.
yeah my bad about the lack of info.

Basically I've got myself a hot rails, and I'm thinking of chucking it in the guitar.
Everythings good to go, just gotta try and get the pickup hooked in there (never done it before).
So Im only gonna use this pickup and one volume knob.

So here's the pickup, it has a white and red wire (taped together), thin green, thin black and a thick black.

1) which wire is which? I think the thick black is the ground.
2) where do I solder the ground wire on a mustang?

heres the guitar without the pickgaurd, i've just taped the old pickup cover next to the bridge for safekeeping

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